Tori Morrison

laura replied to My Secular Love of Yoga Apr 1
Finally, some honesty
Shana replied to Why is your boss an Asshole? Dec 30
I work in a small office. so my boss thinks he can do anything he wants. He is demeaning and never says ple...
ChaosandLight replied to Heteros in the Village Oct 17
Interesting points...I recently found myself at an old gay haunt in Toronto...a place that I used to freque...
I Agree replied to Don't Go to University Jul 10
I agree. My parents want me to go to university because "it will get me a better job". I want to ...
Anonymous replied to Adultery is Bullshit Jun 27
beyond stupid
Chibbi Tea replied to Adultery is Bullshit Jun 25
amen to that! preach it sista
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