Johanna de Silentio Why I Don’t Say “Bitch”.

Most modern Americans (and/or people who exist on the Internet) know that there are certain off-color words you can say without really anyone blinking an eye, and certain things that no matter in which context you say them, you’re bound to set off a firestorm of controversy. And then there are the middle words that no one really uses because they are just plain yucky to say. I am thinking of “twat” here (sorry British people I think you like that one more than us).

Generally speaking, most people find the word “bitch” to be relatively harmless. It was one of the first ‘swears’ you could say on TV I think, and that Meredith Brooks song came out when I was in like 6th grade which was like 100 years ago in progressivity years.

But I try not to say ‘bitch.’ Not “she’s a bitch” not “he’s a little bitch” not “quit yer bitching” not anything.


Because have you ever noticed that every demeaning, derogatory, belittling insult you can call someone is a feminine term? Which really if you think about it for two seconds means what you are saying is “you are being a the worst things about a girl or behaving like a stereotypical girl and that is bad.” Bitch, pussy, cunt, twat, they all fall under this category.

By contrast, masculine terms (dick, prick, fucker, I’d even argue asshole) have a different connotation. It’s still an insult, but in this case we’re mad at you because you took advantage of us, didn’t care about our feelings, etc. There’s something more empowered about these terms than about the others. These words can still be offensive without a doubt, but don’t carry the same gender-based degradation in my opinion.

Short of calling someone, like, “butthead”, all insults fall under these categories. Basically the only remaining sphere is to call someone something like “faggot” and I don’t even need to describe how that makes my former point, do I?

I’m not trying to be hyper moralizing or esoteric. All I’m asking is that you maybe think twice when you use a word that might proliferate oppression. Bitches don’t help nobody.

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